Augusta is located on the Savannah River, at the southeastern corner of the 762 area code. The population of the consolidated city-county area of Augusta-Richmond County is 195,844 people, making it the second-largest city in Georgia. The city is home to the Savannah River Site, which is a US Department of Energy nuclear reservation, CareSouth headquarters, Club Car’s world headquarters, and E-Z-GO’s headquarters. The U.S. Army Signal Center & Fort Gordon is located nearby.

Augusta is a classic example of an Old South town, full of pre-Civil War architecture. The antebellum architecture in Augusta includes the area of Summerville where many large homes owned and used by plantation owners were constructed. In between Summerville and downtown Augusta is the Medical District, which is called so because it is the heart of Augusta’s medical and health care industry and is occupied by a number of medical facilities and private medical companies.

Augusta is also home to the Georgia Regents University, Augusta Technical College and Paine College, which is a historically-African American private college. Concerning Augusta’s legal industry, ABA Magazine listed Augusta-Richmond County as one of its 10 Surprising Legal Markets in 2011.

Augusta has a long history, as it was the second town established after the British colony of Georgia was founded. During the American Revolution, the city became the state capital for a short period while Savannah was under British control. In 1845, southern Baptist leaders met at the First Baptist Church of Augusta and formed the Southern Baptist Convention, which is on of the largest Protestant denominations in the United States.

A number of famous people are from Augusta, including actor Laurence Fishburne, wrestler Hulk Hogan, singer James Brown, golfer Bobby Jones who co-founded the Masters Golf Tournament, former President Woodrow Wilson, and singer/songwriter Charles Kelley, who is a member of the band Lady Antebellum. Augusta is also the city where Amanda America Dickson, one of the richest African American women in 19th-century America and the daughter of a plantation owner and his slave, lived after she successfully defended her right to inherit her father’s estate against challenges made by her white relatives who insisted that she could not inherit because she was African American.

The Augusta National Golf Club is a popular golf course of lawyers and other professionals from all over the 762 area code who enjoy playing a round of golf. The club also hosts the Masters golf tournament every April, which is one of four major golf tournaments annually held and the only tournament that is held on the same golf course every year. The presence of the Masters golf tournament has influenced a number of different aspects within the city, including the names of the “Rock Fore! Dough” concert and the Augusta Greenjackets. The Augusta Greenjackets are a minor league baseball team owned by Cal Ripken, Jr.

Another sporting event held annually in Augusta is the World’s Richest Drag Boat Race, which features a purse of $140,000 every year. The annual Mayfest Hip Hop concert attracts lawyers and other professionals who enjoy hip-hop music from all over the 762 area code. History and engineering enthusiasts enjoy visiting the Augusta Canal, which is the nation’s only industrial canal that is still being used for its original purpose. Art lovers from all over the northern part of Georgia regularly stroll along Artist’s Row in downtown Augusta and check out the art that is on display in the galleries that line the street.